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The future of free and open web video - AOMedia, libaom ja av1 (avx)

Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) was launched in the beginning of last autumn as an effort of Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix (silently also Xiph) to create future-proof videocodec for web and other applications that is open, fast and royalty-free.

After a quiet winter there are news on the same subject:

  • AMD, ARM ja NVIDIA have joined AOMedia and in the contect of hardware implementations that is only good (I'd hope Qualcomm to sign up soon and maybe even Apple to rethink its position)
  • actual development has started and everyone can follow the commits over web
  • Google's libvpx is the starting-point of development
  • the name of core library will be libaom insted of libvpx
  • format will be called AOMedia instead of WebM
  • the generic name of videocodec will be avx instead of vpx
  • the first generation of videocodec will be called av1 (as vp8, vp9 and vp10 have been until now)
  • the first release called v0.1.0 "AOMedia Codec 1" is in the pipeline
  • the headings of commits show some inclusion of Daala
  • file container still seems to be mkv-based and audiocodecs are Vorbis and Opus


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