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Fix howto: running at full load when KDE4 is used

I have a number of KDE4 (currently 4.3.2) workstations and in one of them a strange bug pops up once a while. Namely sometimes seemingly at random processor load jumps to full load (in ksysguard visible as Xorg taking 100% and top showing Xorg at 1). It is pretty disturbing - PC slows down and cooling makes a lot of noise. It may well be related to using ATI Radeon X300SE (RV370) with dual-head displays on that PC. But may be not.

Of course you can log out of KDE and get it fixed this way, but if you have a lot of windows open then the fastest way is to restart kwin with issuing this in command-line "kwin --replace &".

Should also KDE4 background and toolbar(s) (altogether called Plasma) be lost with this kwin restart, then run "plasma-desktop &" from command-line.

If Plasma is not lost, but just unresponsive, then you can do "kbuildsycoca4 && kquitapp plasma-desktop && kstart plasma-desktop"


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