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Upgrading Riot Web to Riot Desktop in Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and other deb-based distos

New app was released yesterday and it's name has changed.

When running standard upgrade from command-line you see:
$ apt update && apt upgrade
The following packages have been kept back:

When you see what is upgradable you'll notice:
$ apt list --upgradable
riot-web/stable,stable 1.6.0 amd64 [upgradable from: 1.5.15]

The solution to get upgrade done is simple:
$ apt install riot-desktop
The following packages will be REMOVED:
The following NEW packages will be installed:
libsqlcipher0 riot-desktop

Latest release of Riot is feature-heavy and among others makes verification a lot more simple and end-to-end encryption enabled by default for all new non-public conversations.

Riot is a good client for Matrix - an open network for secure, decentralized communication.